08 Dec

Written by Kayleigh on December 8, 2017

With Christmas just around the corner, the panic is soon going to set in soon. You’ll remember those last few presents you forgot to buy, have a last minute panic on whether you have everything for Christmas dinner and will need to make sure all the decorations are up.

If you’re on a budget there’s some great crafting tips you can use to help save the pennies for those final few buys.

Crafting presents:
I’ve seen so many beautiful handmade gifts this year and when you’re on a budget it’s more about the thought rather than how much you have spent. I’m the past I’ve made small decorated Christmas cakes, boxes of chocolate truffles.

Some other ideas are silhouette lanterns. I recently made some of these for my sons christening and they are so easy to make and so cheap. You could also make pamper hampers and hot chocolate mug sets. Places like Poundland and B&M bargains are great places to pick up supplies.

Buying decorations can be a real money pit if you’re not careful. Luckily, due to the nature of my husband’s job we always get a real tree at the budget cost of just £20.

This year it’s a 7ft Nordmann, however as we have recently redecorated the living room the decorations I had no longer fitted the colour scheme so I needed new ones.

I discovered Poundland have a beautiful selection of tree decorations so I picked some lovely silver and grey items from there, the one annoying thing though is the baubles don’t have the strings attached you have to tie them yourself.

Next stop was B&M and I found some really pretty hot pink baubles perfect for an accent colour and these had the strings attached. I spent a grand total of £20 on decorations for the living room and it looks fab.

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